Apostle Darryl G. McCoy

Founder and General Overseer

Apostle Darryl G. McCoy, Sr. is the Founder and Overseer of Trumpet in Zion Fellowship, Inc. headquartered in Augusta, Georgia.  He is a loving husband and father of seven children.  This God appointed and anointed visionary is the spiritual Shepard to many across the globe.  He places God first in his choices, and first in his priorities.

Brother McCoy was born in Denver, Colorado, He grew up quickly, adapting to hurts, offenses, and demands of street life. Miraculously, his life was transformed by the power of God, through his own personal “Damascus Road” experience.   Because of his personal relationship with God occupied first place in his life, he has always had the advantage to overcome what others have not attempted.

This End-time Prophet to the Nation has a unique anointing that allows him to reach across social lines and cultural barriers.  His phenomenal gift of revelation, as it applies to the Word of God, has led those searching for restoration, reconciliation, and healing, toward a life-changing experience. Apostle McCoy offers practical insight into effective leadership that can be applied in every area of life, in and outside of church walls.  Darryl Glenn McCoy Sr. is an author and recording artist.


His book, weekly broadcasts, recordings, and CD’s are administered nationally, reaching the hearts of the multitudes. This man of God can best be described as a man who believes a vision is something worth living for, and it is something worth dying for. "If it is not worth dying for, it is not worth living for."

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